We Need Your Help

We'd like to make it easier for classmates to get in touch with one another, so we are trying to compile an email listing of all classmates. If you want to be included on this list please email your email address to me at josephus47@aol.com.  In the subject line of your email please write "class '69 email".  We suggest that married females use a hyphenated last name beginning with their maiden names.  I'll get the ball rolling by listing mine first. 

Agone-Turner, Mary Sue: alitsmom@gmail.com

Andrews-Newell, Carol: canew51@hotmail.com

Bidwell-Read, Ellen: the-reads1@comcast.net

Bole-Goetz, Bonnie: momgoetz@gmail.com

Bucknell, Rena Badge10@juno.com

Cania, Peter: petcan3@aol.com

Cooper, Joel: cooperjoel@verizon.net

D'Arrigo, Jo Ann: jada777j@aol.com

Ehlinger, Lawrence: lpehlinger@hotmail,com

Felice, Joseph: noah_felice@yahoo.com

Fontana, Joseph: josephus47@aol.com

Friedman, Helen: hfriedman5@earthlink.net

Goggin-Arutt: magabuff@aol.com

Grasso, Anthony: black89lotus@hotmail.com

Guglielmo-Bocko, Andrea: abocko@yahoo.com

Guida, Buzzy: pguida@duffysweeney.com

Hemphill-Francis, Mary: francisdzn@comcast.net

Howell-Snowden, Sally: sallyhsnow@earthlink.net

Illi, Orie: o.illi@myactv.net

Jones, Converse: converse.jones@gmail.com

Jovanovitch, Milena: mjovanovitch@gmail.com

Martinez, Ray: rdm909@msn.com

Miceli-Horsington, Tina: jtinah@rochester.rr.com

Mowry, Clayton: rcmowry@msn.com

Myers, Bob: rcm237@gmx.com

Pantzer, Gary: gpantzer@hotmail.com

Potter-Hughes, Karen: rogerakaren@bellsouth.net

Premo, Tom: tompremo@aol.com

Reid, James: reidje5165@yahoo.com

Roller-Rosato, Karen: karenrgentile@yahoo.com

Sgroi, James: jsgroi1@twcny.rr.com

Smith-Pettinella, Elaine: cm357@aol.com

Smith-Walker, Linda: Rustywalker200@hotmail.com

Trophia, Jack: trophiaj@comcast.net

Yager, Mark: mapman1550@gmail.com

Yost-Martinez, Mary Ann: maryannmartinez694@gmail.com


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